Please Don’t Step on My Culture / Por Favor no Pise mi Cultura

18th and PaulinaHi all!

Yes, I have been busy with a job switch and MAKING ART!

Here are a few images of a street intervention I did for the Pilsen Open Studios Art Walk Oct 15 to 17th.

I really dislike the large disks that are cast with the Mexica image of the ‘Aztec Sun’. I have always seen it as disrespectful and wish they would be taken out.

Well….enjoy! I’ll post more images of other work soon


El Micro from the Lo Romantico Show 2006





These are photos of my installation at Columbia College for the ‘Lo Romantico’ show curated by Jesus Macarena Avila


The idea of the piece was to fetishize a microwave in an altarpiece. It was a critique on what role ‘success’ and ‘convenience’ play on the destruction of food based cultural traditions.  There were tortillas and cheese available if anyone wanted to make a microwave quesadilla.