Please Don’t Step on My Culture / Por Favor no Pise mi Cultura

18th and PaulinaHi all!

Yes, I have been busy with a job switch and MAKING ART!

Here are a few images of a street intervention I did for the Pilsen Open Studios Art Walk Oct 15 to 17th.

I really dislike the large disks that are cast with the Mexica image of the ‘Aztec Sun’. I have always seen it as disrespectful and wish they would be taken out.

Well….enjoy! I’ll post more images of other work soon

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Welcome to Your New Neighborhood

Su Casa
Su Casa

These house shapes are made from manila file folders cut and pasted together. I don’t remember how many were made for a show on gentrification at Polvo http://www.polvo.org/subaltern/tucasa.htm.


I think of Victor Jara and the song Casitas del Barrio Alto which I found a video on youtube (of course)