thoughts on a late night

Woke up felling the stuffyness from a cold I’m going through and decided to jump on here for a bit since I hadn’t done anything in a while. I have joined the borg on facebook and I update that more often than here. I think I just need to parcel out my focus a little better.

I was at the local stitch n bitch tonight – I’ve continued to crochet which I started about a year and a half ago. I will post an image of the first pieces I did which were inspired by an exhibition of the crochet reef at the Chicago Cultural center by the group Institute for Figuring


More laters, I’m glad to be finding others that still like to work with their hands.

Fierce gives me kitten baroo
Fierce gives me kitten baroo

My kitten was very curious and would not get out of the frame so I took the picture with her in there. Her name is Fierce because she used to hiss at everyone when we first took her in. She was just a few months at the time of the picture. She is now just over a year old and will still give you the WT… look.